About Me

I'm Amber Trout, a former educator with eleven years of experience specializing in coaching and mentoring teachers and students. In 2010, I earned my bachelor's degree in Education, followed by my first master's degree in Learning and Technology in 2016 and a second master's in Principal Administration in 2018. As a licensed K-12 educator and K-12 principal, I've also ventured into marketing, community outreach, and earned certification as a life coach through the Certified Life Coaching Institute. My wealth of expertise is rooted not just in formal education but in rich, hands-on experiences.

After over a decade in public education, I decided to transition to the corporate world to pursue my dreams. Currently, I coach individuals nationwide while serving as a marketing/advocacy manager for an educational technology company. My role has evolved beyond coaching, extending into the realms of marketing and revenue. I design programs that enhance brand awareness and drive sales, collaborating with multiple teams to craft social media campaigns, design graphics, build specialized web pages, and create branded email templates.

My specialization lies in guiding individuals to change their career paths and turn their passions into professions. Drawing from a diverse range of life and professional experiences, I offer expertise in self-help strategies, educational consulting, self-marketing planning, career mentoring, and public speaking/training etiquette. I'm eager to get to know you and assist you in reaching your goals.

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