Simply Life Coaching is about coming alongside you, your team or ministry.  We discover together how you have been created and Uniquely Designed. We begin an in-depth discovery process of understanding your purpose and how it aligns with God's story.

You will learn how to Embrace the life God has called you to and get Equipped to face the challenges you may encounter, along with the changes you may need to make. You will discover how you have been created and uniquely designed so you can begin to Envision God’s purpose for your life. Through His Word and guidance we can come to know and understand our calling and how we are to live out our lives for the Higher Calling and be God honoring in all areas of our life. 


Coaching is chiefly about discovery, awareness, and choice. It is a way of effectively empowering people to find their own answers, encouraging and supporting them on the path as they continue to make important life-giving and life-changing choices. Christian Coaching is about enabling individuals and groups to move from where they are now to where God wants them to be. We come alongside people to help them learn and draw from his abilities.

What is distinctive about Christian Coaching? It is a distinct and powerful influence for personal and professional growth. It is a completely different modality than pastoring, counseling, consulting, leading, mentoring, discipling or teaching. ( Christian Coaches Network - CCN)

As a Professional Christian Coach, my coaching techniques and training are through Professional Christian Coaching Institute ( PCCI.) 

What we believe in influences who we are and in turn, impacts everything we do.
— Christian Coaching, Gary Collins

Benefits of Christian Life and leadership Coaching

  • We will gain clarity, expand vision.
  • We will identify challenges/focus on strategies.
  • We will look at new possibilities and unlock potential.
  • We will increase skills.
  • We will identify what is working and what is not and why.
  • We will take practical steps toward goals.
  • We will embrace change.
  • We will work on gift/strength assessments to discover how your areuniquely wired.
  • We will line it up with God’s Truth.

As Your Personal Coach

As a Personal Coach, I will:

• Listen carefully

• Be trustworthy and honest

• Accountable

• Keep Confidences

• Guide in enabling to set and reach goals and steps to move forward in a workable plan

• Stimulate vision, awareness, responsibility and change

• Maximize Strengths and build effective ways to keep improving

• Support through prayer and God’s Word for direction

If you find yourself longing for something better, and need direction on how to get there, then life coaching may be a good option for you! As your coach I am committed to helping you work towards these goals. I will walk alongside of you to encourage and at times challenge you.

Here are some examples of topics I coach around:

 God’s Design for you through gift/strength assessments 

 Life Purpose/Vision/Core Values

 Marriage and Family

 Spiritual Growth

Leadership Coaching and Ministry Development

Coaching Options:

One on One

Small Group Coaching

Leadership and Team Coaching


Learning Communities